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So I'm sitting at Tora-con.

And if I see one more awful Misa costume, I'll punch the wearer.

Also? I've seen about twelve Sasukes, all female. Two or three Sakuras, two Kakashis, no Narutos. They're all awful. Like, I don't even like Naruto and haven't read it in over a year, and I can tell they're awful. THAT awful. Sigh.

BUT I HAVE A LINK PLUSHIE. So I am happy. ^_^          

Fandom Women Appreciation Entry

In response to an entry the lovely likespring  posted here; appreciation of women in my fandoms, even though I'm not active in any fandom.

I have always looked for women I could relate to in anything I enjoyed. My sister's favourite movies growing up were Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. To this day, she doesn't understand why I hated them, even though the closest thing to a "relatable" character in any of them for me was the blue fairy in Sleeping Beauty. I told her she was welcome to be Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, that I'd much rather be someone with a brain and her own life. My characters were Belle, Ariel, Pocahontas, Anastasia, even Mulan, women with strength and brains who were willing to buck other people's expectations of them and do what they felt was right. Though I don't think Disney (or Fox, for that matter) is feminist by any stretch of the imagination, they were the heroines and role models that probably started me on the road to feminism, despite my parents doing their best to teach me to be a "lady." They showed me it was okay to be smart, curious, to explore, to go against cultural expectations, to protect instead of be protected. I owe a lot of who I am to them.

Then I discovered anime. Sailor Moon, DragonBallZ, Gundam Wing, Digimon, Pokemon. They were my first fandoms, especially Gundam Wing, Pokemon, and Digimon. And I participated in character bashing in all three. I hated Misty and despised Yolei. I said I wanted Heero to kill Relena, wanted Dorthy to die at Quatre's hands, wanted Noin to find out she wasn't even second-best to Zechs, wanted Lady Une to suffer. For years, I couldn't figure out why it all bothered me so much, even as I played along. Eventually, I figured out why I hated Yolei and Misty. It was because they got adventure, adventure I wanted, that I would have done almost anything for! I began to see myself in them, and started to admire them the same way I admired Pocahontas and Mulan.

Figuring out my hatred of the Gundam Wing girls took a while longer. I was part of the "Relena's a stalker look at Dorthy's eyebrows NOIN SUCKS HAHAHA!" camp for a long, long time. Gundam Wing was canceled and the fandom faded for me until Cartoon Network started airing it late at night. It was a shock to discover that I didn't hate any of the girls anymore, that it was just the opposite. At some point, I'd come to admire Relena for sticking to her ideals once she figured out what they were, to wish I had someone I loved enough to sacrifice myself socially, academically, physically, however, to take care of, the way Noin did for Zechs, to be jealous of Dorthy's passion. Eagerly, I hopped back into the fandom thinking if I'd changed, then surely the fandom had as well?

I was wrong, of course; the GW fandom is as yaoi-obsessive and misogynist as it was the first time I was in it. I haven't been back since, but I found new fandoms.

Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU. Harry Potter. The Heralds of Valdemar. Strong, smart, independent, passionate female characters. Characters I could relate to--characters I could aspire to be. While I'm not actively involved in any fandom, I still return to those three for Alex, Casey, Olivia, and Serena; for Hermione, Professor Granger, Luna, and Tonks; for Keren, Ylsa, Kerowyn, Selenay, Tarma, Kethry, Elspeth, Liss, Savil, Talia, and Need.

So thank you, to the fictional women in my fandom. Without all of you, I wouldn't be who I am today.
From the Boston Globe:

Now, some colleges are crossing the final threshold, allowing men and women to share rooms. At the urging of student activists, more than 30 campuses across the country have adopted what colleges call gender-neutral rooming assignments, almost half of them within the past two years.
"It's definitely a growing movement on campuses across the country," said Denise Darrigrand, dean of students at Clark, where about 30 students are living in mixed-gender rooms. "It's a new world, and gender has taken on all kinds of new definitions. It's about being more inclusive, and it's about keeping pace with the times."
Supporters hail the trend as a key advance for homosexual and transgender students that eliminates a gender divide they see as outdated, particularly for a generation that has grown up with many friends of the opposite sex. Traditional rooming policies, they say, infringe upon students' rights and perpetuate gender segregation.
But a range of students are pressing administrators to eliminate gender altogether as a factor in student housing. These include gay students who feel more comfortable living with the opposite sex and transgender students who don't identify as either sex.

Source: http://www.boston.com/news/education/higher/articles/2008/04/02/just_roommates/?page=1

My thoughts?


Some of you on my f-list probably know that my ex-roommate and still-friend is transgender; he's biologically female, but his gender identity is male. But because he wasn't diagnosed with GID at that point, his only option was rooming alone, or rooming with a female. Luckily, we got along.

His girlfriend is trans too, and rooming with a guy. I don't think it's a comfortable living situation for her; from what I gather, her gender makes things a little weird with her roommate and some people on her floor.

A friend of mine cried after seeing this article. That friend is neutrois, neither female nor male, and has despaired at ever seeing any official recognition of their gender identity, much less accomadations or treatment for their own gender dysphoria. My friend now believes there's hope for them again.

Me, I'm THRILLED, let me tell you. Every girl Housing's sent my way as a possible roommate has scurried away after finding out I like girls because it would be "uncomfortable" rooming with me. If there were a "genderblind housing" box to check on the housing contracts, I could probably say goodbye to likely awkwardness for next year, but as it stands, if I don't get a single room, I'll probably have to deal with it to some degree.

All I can say is yay to the colleges that have already done this, and super-yay to Dartmouth!

Dartmouth's housing application form for gender-neutral housing states that the college "seeks to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities; one not limited by the traditional gender binary."

It asks students their personal gender identity and if students have a third-person pronoun they wish to be addressed by.

More colleges need to adopt this policy, y'all.
Okay, so I love Michiru/Haruka. Canon Sailor Moon lesbian couple.

But, dammit, watching ep 96 I really, really, REALLY want Makoto and Haruka to hook up. They'd be so darned cute together. And at that point in the series, I firmly believe that Haruka and Michiru aren't together yet, or at least aren't serious yet, so it's not THAT bad...rigth?

I totally blame likespring for this.

You're Watership Down!

by Richard Adams

Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're
actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their
assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they
build their houses. You might be one of the greatest people of all time. You'd
be recognized as such if you weren't always talking about talking rabbits.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

SQUEE! BUNNIES! (Well, I do collect them...)
omg you guys. I'd forgotten how incredibly beautiful the animation for Beauty and the Beast is. Oh, and I still cry when Belle says goodbye to her father 'cause I'm a pansy. ^_^;;

I blame the Broadway soundtrack for making me want to watch it again.

I'm starting to question my adulthood.

So before showering today, I squee'd through The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. Now I'm about to squee through Beauty and the Beast, 'cause it's fantastic and I adore Belle. ^_^

Why yes, I am a college student, thankyouverymuch.

Y'know what I would LOVE? Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure, but I can't find it ANYWHERE. Makes me sad.

On another note, Lady and the Tramp and The Lion King are the ONLY Disney movies where the sequel didn't screw up the original. All other sequels to Disney classics can go die in a fire, kthx.

Dumb math.

So I have a math test Monday that I need to study for. I DON'T WANNA. Someone just kill algebra for me, please?

Need to study psych too. My Intro to Psych class is self-instructional, we have a test each week that we can take Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday over that week's chapter. I failed the Chapter Two test last week, so I need to review that material and start studying Chapter Three, 'cause I want to take the test over that Wednesday, so that if I do poorly I can retake it Thursday.

WHY AM I IN NEW YORK, GUYS? I should be at Anime Boston. Stupid lack of someone to split hotel costs with, it makes me a sad Kitty. :(

My friend Steve's been in Florida for, like, a week. I've figured out that it's actually a good thing for him to be around because I forgot to eat yesterday and wound up with a massive headache and aching eyes from low blood sugar, oops. Plus I miss my favourite straight boy. He lacks internet access where he's staying so I haven't been able to talk to him, boo.

And, um, I kinda had a coffee date with a cute girl from my self-defense class Thursday. We both showed up late (but I had class right beforehand!), and just sorta hung out at Java Wally's for a while sipping our chai lattes. She's cute and funny, but she doesn't read, and that might be a deal-breaker. She's never heard of Ender's Game, guys!

Think that's it for now, I need to go study. Bye! <3

Okay, I lied. Here's a sample of Aida for my fellow Broadway-lovers. The song I'm currently listening to (and probably the most heartbreaking one on the score) is the fourth, "Written in the Stars." And yes, that's Adam Pascal as the male lead, guys. Hearts to Roger. <3

Charles Barkley comes out as pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

Go Sir Charles!

Also, Bill Clinton is awesome.

I've decided to join College Democrats next quarter. It'll be nice to meet some like-minded politics-obsessive people, since most of the people I'm friends with here think I'm a little crazy. ^^

Also, likespring, you're officially the Texan Elle Woods, dearie. <3
Yeah. Fuck you. McCain is not liberal. McCain is not even close to liberal. McCain is Bush 2.0, a Bush who hasn't fucked up yet. He's antichoice, pro-DADT, pro-Patriot Act, and pro-Iraq war. He voted against adding homosexuality to the hate crimes list and against ENDA. He wants Roe v. Wade overturned and abortion doctors prosecuted. He voted against reducing teen pregnancy by teaching about contraception. He claims that, economy-wise, we're "better off" than in 2000. He claims DADT is "working" and is in favour of it. He has a ZERO PERCENT rating by the ACLU. HE FUCKING VOTED TO REDUCE CELL PHONE WIRETAPPING RESTRICTIONS, yet people STILL call him a "liberal" and claim he's "better than Hillary."


He's a goddamned conservative who uses pretty rhetoric to appeal to moderates. He's charismatic, sure. He's also fucking insane and the last thing our country needs is another damned conservative in office.

Clinton and Obama have stances that are virtually identical. They're both hardcore liberals, and either one would be a blessing for our country since Edwards dropped from the race. Clinton is not "fascist"; she is not "conservative"; she is not a bitch, cunt, or whore. She is a politician, and I believe she would make an excellent leader for our country.

Am I disappointed Obama lost California last night? Yes. I've been pro-Obama since Edwards left the race. But I will fully support whichever Democratic candidate gets the nomination because I know either of them is far better than anything the Republicans have to offer, INCLUDING McCain.